Braincert Virtual Classroom Integration

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Technology has entirely reshaped the image of schools and classrooms and has replaced the traditional classrooms with online teaching structure. Whether it is to submit assignments, completing projects, or making classroom training more flexible, the usage is diverse. Braincert virtual classroom provides the essential features needed for seamless synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities between presenter (teacher) and attendees (students). Braincert’s API supports scheduling and launching live online courses, recorded sessions in HD, audio/video conference, desktop sharing in ongoing live class, group chat, file & document sharing, interactive whiteboards, presentation sharing, sell– that all will work from within your own website. Integrating whiteboard on our esteemed clients’ website that further enable them to deliver content, provide speedy response and assistance to students. Basically, through an easy VC integration, learners can access it from everywhere – believing they have adequate bandwidth when required. We excel in an advanced online learning that often goes beyond the traditional classroom practice.

Features of Braincert Virtual Classroom Integration:

The customized virtual classroom integration delivers webinars, meetings, live classes, and conferences to spectators anywhere! Few unique features with a high-quality platform consist of:

  • Video and Voice Call
  • Private Chat Discussion
  • Screen Sharing through Whiteboard
  • Video Conferencing in HD
  • Breakout Rooms during Live Sessions
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Advantages of Braincert Virtual Classroom Integration:

Some of them are:

  • Bespoke Live Classes Delivery
  • Meetings and Webinars
  • Enabling Conferences Anywhere
  • Proper Scheduling of Live Classes
  • Hassle-free Online Payment Collection
  • Recorded Sessions - all from within your own website, CMS, LMS, or App

What Do You Get After Braincert Virtual Classroom Integration?

Braincert is a cloud-based compact educational platform that comes integrated with 4 core platforms in one combined solution - courses platform, online testing platform, award-winning virtual classroom, and content management system. Other than that you’ll get:
  • Video and Voice Call
  • Chat Discussion
  • Screen Sharing through Whiteboards
  • Video Conference in HD
  • Breakout Rooms

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Advantages With Foldcode

Our idea of bringing the virtual classroom integration mainly goes with the top virtual classrooms such as Braincert and WizIQ. These virtual classrooms provide the essential features needed for seamless asynchronous and synchronous grouping potential between presenter (instructor) and attendees (students).

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Here below is the listing of advantages you’ll get with Foldcode:

  • View class recording on your website with one click for all admin/teacher/students or allow/restrict access to users
  • Implementation of feedback form for both teacher as well as attendees/students
  • Track Attendance report of both instructor and attendees
  • Sign up/login for admin, teacher and student
  • Admin role assignment/management or manage application
  • Complete white labeling solution
  • Brand your Organization name in live session as well as on your website
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Payment management (send and receive payment)