Virtual Classroom Integration

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With advanced automation and technology, the practice of teaching and the process of learning are going through a deep change. We at, FoldCode specializes in integrating whiteboard on our esteemed clients’ website that further enable them to deliver content, provide speedy response and assistance to students. Basically, through an easy VC integration, learners can access it from everywhere – believing they have adequate bandwidth when required. We excel in an advanced online learning that often goes beyond the traditional classroom practice.

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Why only Foldcode Virtual Classroom Integration?

FoldCode plays an integral part to deliver institutes and small/medium organizations a high quality e-Learning platform that facilitates flawless virtual classroom integration. Our high-quality service to integrate virtual classroom or video conferencing tool with your platform (like website, LMS, CMS) comes with a complete white-labeled solution.

  • Easy to reach (Tech support live chat/Skype support/phone support/email support)
  • Expertise team with almost 15 years’ experience in e-learning technology
  • Free of cost consultation
  • Core ability to understand customer business model
  • Developing the application as per the client’s requirement
  • Implementation of features to meet customer's goal as per our expertise
  • User-friendly application development
  • One click access to the objects
  • Experienced team members having vast industry knowledge
  • VC Integration as per the customer needs

What You Will Get On Your Website?

To make your website livelier, we consider increasing the student’s advancement by integrating best virtual classroom. This way, it exceeds the boundaries of other asynchronous and self-paced types of online e-Learning. Our bespoke virtual classroom integration has an ability to record online virtual classes and make the assets accessible for asynchronous usage as well.

Some of them are:

  • White-Label Solution
  • Logo Engraving on Your Website
  • Class Launching Solution
  • Class Delivery Installation
  • Attendance Report Summary
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Core features of Virtual Classroom include:

  • Two-way audio chat (any number of students can converse at once)
  • Both-way live video streaming room for chat with presenters (instructors)
  • Private/ Public chat with multiple background color options and emoticons
  • Document sharing on Whiteboard (Doc, PPT, XLS, PDF, Videos, etc.)
  • A whiteboard with browser-like tabs [Multiple Interactive Whiteboards]
  • Affixing your company’s logo on your modules
  • Complete White Labeling
  • A multi-language class interface
  • Screen sharing for both presenter and attendee
  • Online polls and surveys during session
  • Live breakout rooms (you can split your class into smaller groups so that your students collaborate and practice individually)
  • In advance class preparation
  • Live class session recording & playback accessibility
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Advantages with Foldcode

Here below is the listing of advantages you’ll get with FoldCode:

  • View class recording on your website with one click for all admin/teacher/students or allow/restrict access to users
  • Implementation of feedback form for both teacher as well as attendees/students
  • Track Attendance report of both instructor and attendees
  • Sign up/login for admin, teacher and student
  • Admin role assignment/management or manage application
  • Complete white labeling solution
  • Brand your Organization name in live session as well as on your website
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Payment management (send and receive payment)

Our idea of bringing the virtual classroom integration mainly goes with the top virtual classrooms such as BrainCert and WizIQ. These virtual classrooms provide the essential features needed for seamless asynchronous and synchronous grouping potential between presenter (instructor) and attendees (students).

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